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  • At the ENSAM, the doctoral training is structured around the following research themes:
  • Mechanics, Design and Manufacturing Processes;
  • Systems Control and Supervision;
  • Materials Degradation and Damage;
  • Surface, Interface, and Tribology;
  • Energy and Environment;
  • Advanced Mechanics and Industrial Applications.


  • Doctoral studies take three years after obtaining the national Master degree or equivalent standing. The doctor degree is awarded after defending a PhD thesis.
  • ENSAM doctoral studies are organized within the Doctoral Studies Center (CEDOC). They are accredited by the Higher Education Ministry and governed by the National Education, Higher Education, Executive Training, and Scientific Research Minister Decree No. 1371.07 (September 23, 2008), approving the National Pedagogical Standards book for the doctoral cycle and setting the training national framework and the leading modalities to the national doctoral degree issuance.
  • PhD students acquire high scientific and professional qualifications to specialize in their discipline, carry out their research, and develop their future employability.
  • They are offered, in addition to the necessary thesis supervision, a scientific environment for their professional integration, either in research and teaching or within companies in the private sector.
  • They prepare their thesis in a school’s research unit. A doctoral research project is monitored and supervised by CEDOC, which also ensures the coordination of its scientific community.
  • They have access to tailored training courses and necessary scientific resources to carry out their research. They can also participate in the dissemination and popularization of their research.

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