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The best oral presentation award in the fourth edition of ICMES


ENSAM Meknes won the best oral presentation award in the fourth edition of ICMES (INTERNATIONAL conference on materials and environmental science).

The organizing committee selected Mr. HOUSSAME LIMAMI,’s presentation about :

“Physicochemical and Mechanical Assessment of Reinforced Unfired Clay Bricks with Typha-Fibers Composite as a Construction Material Additive”

as one of the best oral presentations in the fourth edition of ICMES2020. Mr. HOUSSAME LIMAMI is a PhD student at the National School of design and technology in Meknes. He is supervised by the Professor Imad Mansouri from ENSAM-Meknes and co-supervised by Ms. Asmae Khaldoun from Alakhawayne University.


The ENSAM’s faculty and administrative vaccination campaign


His Majesty the King of Morocco launched the COVID-19 vaccination campaign on the 28th of January 2021. The Design and Technology school (ENSAM) of Meknes has signed up for this operation. Indeed, on the 9th of February, the school’s faculty and administrative staff benefited from a first dose. Aware of the stakes of such a campaign, which aims at achieving collective immunity, the school’s administration demands compliance with preventive measures including the wearing of masks and general hygiene rules even after the injection of the second dose on the 9th of March.